Ric Wasserman Athens County Auditor

Working For You

Ric Wasserman has been the Treasurer of Athens County since 2018.  In that time he has attacked the problem of persistent tax-delinquency head on, reducing overall delinquency significantly.

Of particular focus has been the Athens County Land Bank which Ric spearheaded.  The Land Bank has become a county-wide force for redeveloping neighborhoods and eliminating blight while returning properties to the tax rolls.  Treasurer Wasserman has accomplished this by working collaboratively with outside partners and local governments to ensure stakeholders are represented.

Along the way Ric has had to fight the current Auditor on nearly every aspect of the Land Bank, especially Expedited Foreclosure which is the quickest and best way for the Land Bank to acquire blighted properties.  Ric prevailed in this fight and our most vulnerable communities have benefitted tremendously.

Ric Wasserman will bring this determination as well as greater efficiency and innovation to the job of County Auditor.  This office is pivotal to county government.  The Auditor touches literally every entity that receives tax funds from schools to townships, service agencies and much more.


Above all, Ric believes in transparency in government and will bring those values to our county’s finances and especially to the assessment of real estate values.  Currently taxpayers have no window into the reasons behind skyrocketing real estate values that have generated complaints countywide.